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How many gaming tables will I need for my event?
How does a Casino Party Work?

Mini Craps

Miniature version of craps including accessories. Perfect for small groups and rooms with space limitations.


When you walk into a casino, you can usually spot the craps tables by the raucous crowds gathered around them. Let us bring the full size Craps table to your event and you will be amazed by all the excitement that it brings to your casino party. Let us bring the 8, 10, 12 foot table to your next casino party and watch the crowd gather!

Wheel Games

Variety of wheel gamse with corresponding laydowns, i.e. Big Six, Color Wheel, Racing Wheel, etc. Call for current stock.

Video Horse Racing

Race Night" Derby Parties are an exciting, audience participation game played with filmed horse racing shown on a big screen. Watch as the horses parade to the gate and the announcer gives the pre-race favorites. Place your bets, sit back and enjoy the calling of the race, and collect your winnings after the race! We supply everything needed to make your Derby Party a resounding success........

Texas Hold' em Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker: With the advent of TV and online Poker, this is now a very popular game. Its a variation of normal poker (the same hands win) but with modifications that make it much more edgy and, above all, fun. Each player is dealt two cards and has to make their initial bet based on those. They may make an increased bet (raise), match another player's bet (stand) or drop out of the round (fold). Then three community cards are shown by the dealer in the centre of the table (the flop). All players can use the flop as part of their hand. Another round of betting occurs and any players still in get to see the next community card (the turn card). Another round of betting takes place and any remaining players get to see the final card (the river). The winner of all bets on the table (the pot) is the one with the best poker hand made up of his own two cards and any cards from the community set. Alternatively, a cunning player may be able to win the pot by bluffing. Our Texas Holdem Poker tables are eight player oval tables with all the equipment needed to make your poker game a full fun experience.


Blackjack, also known as Twenty-one, is the most widely played casino game in the world. Our tables can accommodate up to seven players at one time. Much of Blackjack's popularity is due to the mix of chance,skill, and the publicity that surrounds card counting. Let us provide the friendly dealers and top quality casino tables to make your casino party a night to remember!


Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world. The game consists of a wheel with 38 stops, and a ball that can land with equal chance in any of those stops. Players make wagers by placing chips in the betting areas of the Roulette table. After all bets are placed, the ball is spun and eventually lands on a number. Wagers placed on the winning number or on groups that include the winning number are paid a multiple of the bet. Adding Roulette to your next casino night is a must!

Slot Machines

Great for adding to the overall casino night experience.

Bingo Board

Let us bring the bingo board to your next event.

Three Card Poker Table

Three Card Poker has become one of the most popular table games in Las Vegas casinos. Let us add one to your event.

Chips and Cards

Chips & Cards The chips we use are 11.5-gram clay composite casino quality chips (we don't use cheap plastic chips). We use regulation casino playing card decks. All the table Party Supplies are authentic (dice, pucks, stick with craps, marker and balls for roulette).

Raffle Drum

Let us supply all the needed items to have a great casino night!

Prize Table

Example of a prize table.

Red Dog Tables

Add a Red Dog Table to your Casino and have our Dealers teach your guest a new game.

Blackjack Led Tables

Black Jack Led Tables are Amazing. New For 2017 Theses tables give the party a whole new feel. Must have at your next Casino Night Fundraiser.